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Serpent Networks: MN-based IT & Cybersecurity firm (est. 2023) offering cutting-edge solutions to empower businesses.

Serpent Networks Inc. is a Minnesota-based IT and Cybersecurity firm. Founded in 2023, we are proud of our modern approach to technology management and look forward to providing our clients with the cutting-edge of what our industry is capable of.

Composed of several IT Services Veterans, our board of directors and executive team brings decades of high-level IT firm management experience to the table.

Serpent Networks was born because of our founding members’ shared philosophies:

  • Small-medium enterprises are typically underserved by providers they are compatible with.
  • Cybersecurity is misunderstood or totally off the radar of non-technical business executives, presenting great risk to the typical small-medium enterprise.
  • Minnesota’s business culture is technology-positive, and executives are willing to implement new solutions for the betterment of their company, if they are properly informed of the issues.

Our main goal is to provide essential and cost-effective solutions to small and medium businesses in Minnesota (refer to the bottom of this page for a detailed list). We have carefully curated this service stack; we strongly believe these offerings are necessary for businesses to thrive, and survive attacks, in the modern digital world. We are passionate about educating as many small and medium enterprises as we can about the advantages of a well-executed IT and Cybersecurity strategy (and risks of not having one), and we aspire to form valuable partnerships with businesses that align with our vision.

Our service offerings:

  • IT Support
    • 24×7 IT Support / Helpdesk Services
  • Cybersecurity
    • 24×7 Security & Network Operations Centre
    • Vulnerability Management as a Service
    • Endpoint & Network detection and response services
    • vCIO Services
  • Cloud Services (Migrations, Integrations, Projects & Support)
    • Microsoft 365
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Amazon Web Services
    • ERP Systems
  • IT Consulting
    • One-time or retainer-based technical consulting services
  • vCIO Services
    • One-time or retainer-based IT strategy consulting
  • Managed Backup
    • Workstation backup
    • Server backup
    • Cloud backup
    • Application backup
  • Managed Voice
  • Software
    • Password Managers
    • E-mail phishing and spam filters
    • All Microsoft products
  • Training
    • Cybersecurity Training for end-users and executives

Are you ready to elevate your business?

The days of simply resolving issues is over. At Serpent Networks, we collaborate with our clients to ELEVATE their business and generate significant improvements in their top and bottom lines.

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