Managed Backup Services

No matter the size of the business, backups must be managed and monitored to ensure data is properly protected.

Our team of experts will assess your backup needs based on compliance requirements and risk tolerance, recommend the best solutions, and provide your team with the necessary tools and reports to ensure data integrity and peace of mind.

More than just “blind trust”.

By partnering with Serpent, you can foster a greater sense of trust in IT and develop a better understanding of our services. Through our customer service platform, executives and IT coordinators can generate executive reports in real-time to monitor the data from the IT department.

For exampe, should clients have any questions or concerns about data being backed up, they can log in to our online portal to generate real-time backup and backup scope reports, allowing total transparency (for those who want it) without overwhelming those unfamiliar with the technicalities.

Serpent Networks Helps Integrate The Ideal Solutions.

Whether you require guidance in forming educated IT strategies or prefer a more engaged approach, Serpent Networks can integrate the ideal solutions. We provide companies with expert virtual Chief Information Officers (vCIOs) to help craft strategic technology decisions and plans.

Supported Platforms


Our recommendation is all of them, if your budget can support it. Every system your business leverages should have at least two copies: One available locally for fast-access, and secondary off-site backup for redundancy.

Cloud services offer a range of data storage, software applications, and more to organizations. To ensure business continuity, data protection, high availability, and disaster recovery, reliable backups of these cloud services are essential.

By backing up cloud services, organizations can access older versions of data, undo mistakes or events that need to be reversed, and minimize the effects of service interruption or data loss. Establishing a comprehensive backup strategy is the best way to ensure essential data remains available and protected, helping organizations minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

It is important to recognize that while many cloud services do offer built-in backup solutions; these backups have, in our experience, been unreliable as a single point of failure. This, paired with the cost of creating an in-house backup is minimal compared to the cost of a disaster scenario.

For this reason, it is strongly recommended that all businesses perform in-house backups of their cloud services, and never rely on the 3rd party vendor.

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A multi-layered, sophisticated cybersecurity defense

Vendor & outside assessments

Cybersecurity insurance renewals and assessments

Cybersecurity training and end-user engagement

Vulnerability Management, patching, and maintenance-as-a-service

24x7x365 real-time, real person issue remediation.

Compliance as a Service

  • NIST
  • CIS
  • ISO 27001
  • SOC 2

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