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Hire a modern IT firm that is dedicated to the total protection and ownership of your digital assets.

What makes Serpent different from other managed IT service providers?

To start, our focus goes beyond maintenance and support. We work with each of our clients to transform their IT from merely a system operating on “the status quo” that stimulating business expansion and assisting them to realize their utmost potential.

With presence in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth, and Rochester, we are dedicated to furnishing premier cybersecurity support to good-fit small enterprises in the state of Minnesota.

The Serpent Way.

Serpent Networks was created with the goal of creating the ultimate IT firm for small enterprises that acknowledge and lean into the value in technology and understand the critical role of cybersecurity in protecting their assets.

We seek to deliver the highest quality IT support to the highest quality clients and to forge mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships with our clients.

How we stack up to the competition

Service Standard MSPS SERPENT
Service Monitoring & Maintenance Checkmark Checkmark
Network Monitoring & Management Checkmark Checkmark
Help Desk Services Checkmark Checkmark
Basic Security Checkmark Checkmark
Backup Solution Checkmark Checkmark
Procurement Services Checkmark Checkmark
Quarterly Business Reviews X Mark Checkmark
Dedicated Support Application X Mark Checkmark
Dedicated Project Team X Mark Checkmark
Local Support X Mark Checkmark
Advanced Real-Time Reports On System Status, Lifecycle, Integrity, and Security X Mark Checkmark
Security Awareness Training X Mark Checkmark
IT Strategy Team X Mark Checkmark
Dedicated Client Success Executive X Mark Checkmark
vCIO Services X Mark Checkmark
POD Architecture X Mark Checkmark
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions X Mark Checkmark
24/7 Support X Mark Checkmark
Industry Leading Response Times X Mark Checkmark
Scalable To Fit Your Business, From 5-500 Employees X Mark Checkmark

When we teamed up with Serpent Networks, we initially anticipated receiving just the standard IT tech support. However, they’ve surpassed our expectations by leaps and bounds.

Serpent Networks’ dedication goes beyond exceptional service and industry-leading response times; they have also proven to be a genuinely invested partner in our business, committed to our ongoing success.

We’ve confidently referred colleagues to Serpent Networks on multiple occasions.

Eric – COO – Logistics client

Serpent Networks who?

Serpent Networks Inc. was incorporated in 2023 and is a modern, youthful technology support startup, founded by three top IT executives from North America with aligned philosophies.

Our founders, Khaled, Reid, and Brian have collectively worked with hundreds of different IT firms prior to founding Serpent; each of these IT firms responsible for the IT Management of dozens or hundreds of businesses each, granting each of us immense perspective on how small enterprises in North America approach IT management and cybersecurity.

Through sharing our own unique experiences providing services to these businesses, and after many long conversations, we were able to identify several common patterns of failure, gaps that current the current MSP market does not address fully or properly, and opportunities for improvement in the MSP industry, and founded Serpent to address these gaps for our clients.

Our Executive Team

Khaled Salem


Khaled Salem is the CEO of Serpent Networks. He got his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at UW-Milwaukee & MBA at UW-Whitewater with an emphasis in data analytics. He spent the last 7 years working with managed service providers to accelerate sales, growth, service in their space.

At Serpent Networks, Khaled is responsible for driving the vision, growth, and culture that Serpent Networks embodies and prides itself on. He is looking to leverage his vast experience working at the top managed service providers to drive the best client experience for any business that expects that in IT & Security.

Khaled is passionate about how small businesses can maximize their technology to drive business outcomes and increase their ROI from their IT investment. In his spare time, he plays with his dog Moxie, weightlifts, travels, and listens to podcasts about self-improvement and improving well-being.

Reid McConkey

Advisor/Board Director

Reid McConkey is an Advisor/Board Director at Serpent Networks. Reid is an accomplished Canadian entrepreneur with a background highly focused on IT firms & Management. He began his bachelors degree straight out of school while working as a Systems Administrator for a small Canadian firm, and quickly ascended to the top of the organizational chart prior to founding our sister company, Resolved IT, in 2020.

At Serpent Networks, Reid is responsible for advising on all client services and operations. His mission is to deliver the best possible IT experience to Serpent Network customers and to ensure the mutual success of both our own company and our clients.

Reid is highly passionate about helping small enterprises leverage technology to gain a competitive edge, maximize ROI, or otherwise achieve their technology goals. From cutting-edge technology to non-profit tech support, Reid is here to facilitate your business’ success. In his spare time, Reid enjoys playing No Limit Hold ‘Em, Chess, and learning about aviation.

Michael Logan

Technical Advisor

Michael Logan is the Technical Advisor at Serpent Networks. Mike is an accomplished Canadian entrepreneur with a background highly focused on management and operations. Mike is also an executive at our sister company Resolved IT, alongside Reid.

At Serpent Networks, Mike is responsible for advising and assisting on all human resources and operational excellence. His mission is to advise on how to hire, manage, and train our team to deliver the best possible IT experience to our customers and to ensure the mutual success of both our own company and our clients.

Mike is extremely talented at identifying gaps, finding unseen problems, and providing mentorship to team members. His mission is to bring our clients an experience that is as close to perfect as possible.

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