Managed Voice

Microsoft Teams Voice

Upgrade your outdated phone system to a cutting-edge telephony solution hosted in the cloud.

Empower your team to communicate effectively from anywhere, without limitations or the need for corporate-provided mobile devices.

Stay Connected 24x7. Or don’t.

Teams Voice allows users to access their Teams account and phone number on their cell phone via the Teams app. Each user’s Teams profile can be assigned a dedicated direct line and/or call queue membership. If the user is signed into the app – they will receive calls on their mobile device. If an employee goes on vacation or is off-hours, they can simply “sign out” of the app and stop receiving these forwarded calls.

What to expect

Our state-of-the-art Managed Voice Service will cater to your business needs regardless of its scale, geographical spread, or regulatory obligations.

Our comprehensive solutions seamlessly integrate video, voice, telephony, text chat and devices to meet the demands of contemporary enterprises and ensure a user-friendly and consistent experience across various platforms such as desktops, conference rooms, and mobile devices.

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Product features

Scalable communications

Unified solution

  • Meetings, chat, audio, phone, webinars, private rooms, apps and events

Flexible, seamless integration with many other apps

Supports global remote workforce

Enterprise-class reliability

Secure and compliant

  • Retention of voicemails, call logs, SMS with logs
  • Secure HD voice

Dedicated business number

Centralized management and product consolidation

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