As the prevalence of cybersecurity threats continues to rise by up to 28% annually, businesses must take the necessary steps to ensure their digital transformation is (at least) on par with the transformation of digital threats.

Serpent Networks’ multi-layer Managed IT Security Services provide organizations with the necessary tools to stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape and the sophisticated threats presented in 2023.

Our services are designed to address the most important key areas within your IT department and equip you with the resources you need to stay ahead of the digital revolution, without breaking the bank or making your employees’ heads spin.

Partner with a company at the cutting-edge.

Working with a young firm has its advantages. Founded in 2023, we have been able to implement the latest and greatest service delivery and IT solutions from the outset, allowing us to start miles ahead of the curve.

By partnering with Serpent, you can benefit from avoiding the technical debt typically associated with traditional IT firms. We research and evolve ahead of the digital transformation.

Serpent Networks Is Here To Protect Your Business’ Assets.

24 x 7 x 365 Front line defense

Endpoint security

Infrastructure security

Training & Engagement

Policies, Planning, & IT Strategy / Management Consulting

Understand What’s Happening Without Being Overwhelmed

If you’re not sure what services your business should prioritize, you’re not alone.

Our vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer) consulting resources are here to ensure you have the necessary knowledge to understand the technology implications of every business decision, without being overwhelmed.

We are experts at translating complex technical concepts into plain language for business leaders with little time to spare.

Your time is valuable.

Let us summarize our services in a short conversation.

A multi-layered, sophisticated cybersecurity defense

Vendor & outside assessments

Cybersecurity insurance renewals and assessments

Cybersecurity training and end-user engagement

Vulnerability Management, patching, and maintenance-as-a-service

24x7x365 real-time, real person issue remediation.

Compliance as a Service

  • NIST
  • CIS
  • ISO 27001
  • SOC 2

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